Dota 2 Surpasses 400k Concurrent Players, Repeats the Deed

400,000 people playing and I still get matched with ricing Furions. FML.

400,000 people playing and I still get matched with ricing Furions. FML.

My, Dota 2! How you have grown! It feels like just yesterday you were proud of reaching 200k concurrent players, and here you are today having surpassed the 400k mark more than once. I’m so proud.

Dota 2‘s concurrent player record has been broken over the past couple of days, with the game reaching upwards of 400,000 users at one time more than once. Having recently launched, it’s no surprise there are more players than ever to be found in the halls of Valve’s MOBA/ARTS title.

Another factor that surely affected the game’s player numbers is the recent addition of Mac and Linux compatibility just two weeks after launch. Mac and Linux users are now free to download and play Dota 2 alongside Windows users at no cost.

This jump up to 400k is impressive, but it is only a matter of time until the game sees even higher numbers. The Korean and Chinese clients have not yet gone live, and the Chinese playerbase is potentially several times larger than the game’s peak concurrent user numbers. The Chinese launch will be one to remember, that much is to be sure.

The Dota 2 community should savor these small victories while they can. Soon enough we’ll be seeing a big one, on the game’s release week in China. Everything will be different come that time.

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