Dota 2 Will Be Available for All

Dota Team Keeps Us Informed; Dota 2 Will Soon Be Available To The Public
Dota Team announces release for all, as well as updates.
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Today, the Dota team announced that they are getting ready to release upcoming title Dota 2 for all players to be able to access. 

The team is quoted as writing,  

“Our goals are to create little disruption for the existing Dota 2 audience, to bring new players into a system that will work reliably, and to not immediately melt down all of our datacenters. We aren’t sure how long this is going to take, but in our experience everything with Dota ends up involving a lot more people than we predict, so we’re going to ease our way into it.

“The first step we’ll be taking is to release a larger set of training features, and retire the existing Dota 2 Invites. The combination of these two things makes now the best time to use any remaining Dota 2 Invites you have to bring your friends in that are unfamiliar with the game. After that, we’ll start allowing all users to join in.”

Some of the changes to be made to the launch include additional training, and they will keep the audience updated on how the launch is going, so players and creators alike will be on the same page. 

As the number of users increases, the team wants to remain focused on a few specific things, particularly their servers.

The first update is with something called the Game Coordinator (or GC). This is a group of servers that handle most of the back-end work that Dota 2 uses. It controls a few different parts of the player experience, including the server that handles Dota 2 login, keeps track of where all of your items are stored in the game, and it also decides who you will play against in matchmaking. So, needless to say, with more users, they are planning on improving these servers. 

The actual Dota 2 game servers are also included in the list of things that the Dota team will be keeping a special eye on as the member count grows. 

Dota 2 is the largest community that we’ve ever had on Steam”, writes the Dota team. This is sure to lead to great things for this game, as it becomes available to the entire public. 

Have an opinion on Dota 2 (if you’re not already playing it)? Excited for the release? Let us know! 

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