Double Fine Robbed

Another studio robbery occurred in San Francisco.

Another studio robbery occurred in San Francisco.
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Three weeks ago, San Francisco based studio, Robotoki, was broken into. Luckily, founder Robert Bowling was there to thwart the perpetrators. Unfortunately, Double Fine, also based in San Francisco, had a robbery occur yesterday and wasn’t quite as lucky.

According to Matthew Franklin, a developer at Double Fine, someone broke into their offices. Though it would appear no one got injured, some belongings turned up stolen.


It’s still unknown what exactly was stolen. Hopefully the personal items stolen have a way of being tracked and replaced. Developers spend countless hours in their offices, diligently working away to create an entertaining experience. A home away from home, if you will.

It saddens me to hear their work and personal effects are now stolen or ruined. With Double Fine’s latest Kickstarter, Broken Age, still in development, the idea of someone snatching that away for a few measly dollars seems inequitable.

I’ve reached out to Double Fine for any comments on the break-in. Any updates or news regarding this unlucky event will be post here.


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