Dracula Takes a Bite Out of Satan in Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2

Ready to throw on your cape as Dracula one more time to head out and defeat Satan? Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2 is almost ready.
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Ready to take another bite out of Satan playing Dracula? Konami Digital Entertainment’s Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2 is a video game hard core gamers in North America have been anticipating eagerly for months.

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Starting on February 25, 2014, they can take the fight to Satan again as the fearless leader of the vampires, immortal Dracula. If you’re ready to take another bite out of the Lord of Chaos? Throw on your cape and get ready to put Satan in his place playing Castlevania: Lord of Shadow2.


Konami is developing editions of Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2 for the Xbox 360, Windows PC and Playstation 3. Drop by to view new screenshots of Dracula, conceptual character images, and even more concerning Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2. You can discover the skills and powers available to Dracula as he battles Satan.

This time, Dracula wakes up without his vampire powers and must reclaim his abilities in order to defeat his arch foe. Dracula even gets a few new friends to help along the way, and something Konami refers to as Dragon metamorphosis. We have yet to see anything concrete on this, but we can certainly expect Konami to come up with something spectacular.

Start making plans to throw on your cape in the weeks ahead to head out to take care of Satan one more time playing Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2. The fight is about to get intense and the action amazing, once Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2 takes flight.

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