New Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Character Details Emerge

Psaro doesn't embark on his monster wrangling adventure alone.

Image via Square Enix

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is getting ready for the holiday launch by revealing some of the characters in the game, traveling alongside our Dark Prince, Psaro, as he strives to become the best monster wrangler (there ever was) and defeat his father in the process. While the game is still a few months away, we’ve learned more about this motley crew and what we can expect when the game hits the Switch on December 1.

The Emerging Cast of Characters of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Right now, we know of four primary characters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince:

  • Psaro
  • Rose
  • Toilen Trubble
  • Fizzy

We’ve already met Psaro, the main character of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. He’s the son of the Master of Monsterkind, who just so happens to be the one who cursed him in the first place. Set on revenge, he explores the world of Nadiria to become the best monster wrangler.

Along the way, Psaro is joined by Rose, an elf with powers capable of discerning the paths through the monster realm, and Toilen Trubble, a researcher looking for magical ingredients. On their travels, they’ll meet Fizzy, a fuzzy monster seeking the world’s best wranglers. He aids Psaro in monster wrangling, giving sage wisdom on the group’s journey.

Together, they’ll explore the circles of Nadiria, like the Candyland-influenced Circle of Indulgence or the volcanic Circle of Temper, two new areas revealed by Square Enix alongside the character descriptions. We also know that there will be more than 500 monsters to tackle, as well as four different seasons, drastically changing the game’s landscapes.

It looks like there will be a ton of content for us to devour when the game releases, as Square has also announced that there will be three launch DLCs for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.

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