The upcoming 3DS remaster of Dragon Quest VIII offers some new post game dungeons!

Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS gets some extra goodies

The upcoming 3DS remaster of Dragon Quest VIII offers some new post game dungeons!

In addition to the new characters, the 3DS remaster of Dragon Quest VIII will also come with a couple of new dungeons, new monsters and even a new end game boss.

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A mysterious cave appears!

The new end game boss, known as Juhagaros, will test the player’s skill as well as offer up some new mechanics. Not much is known about this new boss only that he was previously sealed away and has awoken. Square has stated that as release draws closer, more information about the boss will be released.

Behold the mighty Juhagaros

The game will include voice acting, unlike the mobile port, but it isn’t clear whether the original voice actors will reprise their roles. Square also hasn’t mentioned whether the game’s stunning soundtrack will be synthetic or if they will use the original scores produced by the orchestra years ago.

New dungeons also means new treasure!

Dragon Quest VIII was originally released for the PlayStation 2 system way back in 2005, along with a mobile port of the game last year. Both were highly praised by critics with the former winning a few awards. The 3DS version is set to release August 27th in Japan with no talk of a western release just yet.

Are you guys excited for the remaster? I for one wish they would have made it for the PS4 but beggars can’t beggars can’t be choosers. Think the new boss was needed? Think it will come to the west? Let me know in the comments below!

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