Dragon Slayer Awards Nominee: Shadowrun Returns

Harebrained Scheme's tactical RPG resurrects the classic magic/cyberpunk fantasy.

Harebrained Scheme's tactical RPG resurrects the classic magic/cyberpunk fantasy.
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Dragon Slayer Awards

Guild Launch, the web hosting platform expressly focused on gaming, is host of the 2013 Dragon Slayer Awards. These honors are bestowed upon members of the gaming community by popular vote from gamers everywhere.  

Online voting is still going on at Guild Launch’s website until the end of DragonCon on Sept. 2nd.

Previous winners include Kickstarter project Yogventures, gaming comic Goblins, the web series The Guild for Notable Video Series and The Guild’s Felicia Day for Gaming Personality.

Notable Kickstarter Of the Year

To honor independent gaming developers, the Dragon Slayer Awards have a category dedicated to Kickstarter game projects. Gamers were asked to nominate the Kickstarter project they felt stood out above all the rest. Guild Launch chose the top seven.

Nominee: Shadowrun Returns

Some twenty-five years ago, Shadowrun began its life as a tabletop role-playing game from FASA. Born into the height of the late 80’s cyberpunk craze, the game combined elements from classic fantasy roleplaying in a world of magic and high-tech mixed with gritty action and epic storylines.

It enjoyed a twelve-year run before FASA closed their doors in 2001.

In 1993, Beam Software created the first Shadowrun game as an action RPG for the Super Nintendo (SNES). It received numerous awards and critical praise for its combination of tabletop style RPG, epic story and action combat. There were three other Shadowrun games during the franchise run.

Now, the team at Harebrained Schemes has resurrected Shadowrun. Led by former FASA developer and the creator of the original Shadowrun RPG, Jordan Weisman, their Kickstarter set a goal to develop a next-gen version for Windows, Linux and as an iOS mobile app.

In April of last year, they set a target of $400,000. Within thirty days, they not only reached their goal, but their 36,276 backers pledged more than four times that much.

About half of those pledging were happy with the reward of receiving a copy of the game, but thousands of players were willing to pledge over $100.00 in support of Harebrain’s project.

Such success and the buzz generated from bringing back a classic RPG and game experience has earned Shadowrun Returns a nomination for the Dragon Slayer Award for Notable Kickstarter of the Year. 

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