Gamestop is offering a special event Dragonite from 6/22 until 7/12 at participating stores.

Dragonite Soars into Gamestop from 6/22 until 7/12

Gamestop is offering a special event Dragonite from 6/22 until 7/12 at participating stores.

In celebration of the imminent release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s newest expansion, Rising Tide, the Pokémon Company has teamed with Gamestop to give all eligible players across the US the opportunity to obtain a battle-ready Dragonite of their very own. The only requirement to obtain said Dragonite is to have access to a participating Gamestop.

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The event Dragonite starts at level 55 and already knows four powerful moves: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hurricane, and Extreme Speed – a move that Dragonite hasn’t been able to learn since Generation 4! In addition to a solid move set, the event Dragonite also has the Hidden Ability Multiscale, which reduces damage taken from damage-dealing moves by half when the Dragonite is at maximum hit points (HP). This Hidden Ability is only available to Dragonite captured from the Friend Safari (or bred from one such), and the only other Pokemon with the Multiscale Hidden Ability is Lugia.

Additional to the move set and the powerful Hidden Ability, Dragonite also comes with a Lum Berry held item, allowing it a one-time paralysis cure. Also, like all event Pokémon, it comes contained in the rare Cherish Ball. While the Cherish Ball doesn’t offer any special bonuses, it is only obtainable through events like this one, marking your Pokémon as a genuine Event Pokémon.

If you want to get your hands on this limited-edition, battle-ready Dragonite, simply head to the nearest participating Gamestop and ask for the Dragonite code card. Remember, all Pokémon events are string-free – you never need to make a purchase or pre-order in order to obtain a code card for an official Event Pokémon.

Once you have the code in hand, boot up your Nintendo 2DS or 3DS with a copy of Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby inserted.
  1. Select ‘Receive Gift’ from the main menu
  2. Then select ‘Get With Code’, then choose ‘Yes
  3. Enter your code
  4. Once you resume the game, if you speak to a Delivery Girl in any PokéCenter and you have a free space in your party, you will receive your special Event Dragonite!

The Dragonite promotion will run from June 22nd, 2015 until July 12th, 2015. A Nintendo 2DS or 3DS and a copy of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby (retail $40 USD) is required to claim the code. This promotion is only available to Gamestop customers in the US.

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