Dragon’s Dogma 2 Will Stay Single-Player, Have an Open World

Director Hideaki Itsuno confirm Dragon's Dogma will stay a single player RPG at the Capcom Showcase.

Image via Capcom

New information about Dragon’s Dogma 2 was revealed during the Capcom Summer Game Fest Showcase. Game Director Hideaki Itsuno confirmed that DD2 will remain a single-player game set in an open world. He also expanded on two of the key NPCs and introduced a new race and new monsters. Here’s what we learned.

Itsuno started with what will remain the same from the original. Chiefly, it will remain a single-player action RPG. While you may be playing solo, you’ll have a main Pawn at your side to lead you throughout the area. Support Pawns from other players can be recruited as well. You’ll also be able to explore the game’s open world. The world size, however, is quite different. Coming in at four times the map size as the original, along with updated graphics, the setting will be a sight to behold.

Image via Capcom

After confirming what will stay the same in Dragon’s Dogma 2, Itsuno started pointing out what’s new in the game. All of the characters and monsters are powered by AI technology, lending them realism and uniqueness. There are new monsters to slay as well, including the Medusa pictured above. There are also new vocations that will shape how you’re able to fight these creatures. Will you pick a vocation where you wield a sword or one with magic? Each situation revolves around your specific in-game choices, changing the world around you.

Along with general game mechanics, a couple of NPCs were introduced, both of which feature in the game’s key art. First is Ulrika, who’s quite close to you as the Arisen and wields a bow. The other is Nadinia. She’s a high priestess of the newly introduced Beastren race, and interactions with her will shape story moments throughout the game.

That’s all that was revealed during the Dragon’s Dogma 2 presentation during the Capcom showcase. Itsuno promised that more information is coming, hopefully including a release window for the game. Stay tuned for any updates as they become available.

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