Dragon’s Dogma Going F2P Multiplayer

Dragon's Dogma F2P RPG

Dragon's Dogma F2P RPG

Back when Dragon’s Dogma originally released in 2012 on the last generation’s consoles, many gamers were surprised by the action-RPG, not expecting it to be as popular as it was.

Since the original 2012 release, western fans of the game haven’t seen much love from Capcom for the series besides the Dark Arisen expansion released in 2013. With the game not seeing a much clamored for PC port and a spin-off for the PS Vita only available in Japan, many of the western fans of the series have been quiet. Luckily fans of the series now have something to look forward to.

In this week’s Famitsu, Capcom announces a free-to-play, multiplayer Dragon’s Dogma: Dragon’s Dogma Online. Stated in a post on Gematsu, Dragon’s Dogma Online will be an open world game that is free-to-play with micro transactions. The game will come to PS4, Xbox One and PC. So PC users clamoring for that Dragon’s Dogma PC port will be able to join in on this instead.

The gameplay of Dragon’s Dogma Online will still include the ability to climb on top of all the gigantic monsters you come across. Players will be able to group up in parties of four, either human controlled or AI controlled.

The online action-rpg includes an upgraded version of the original’s character creation system. Players will be able to choose between one of four classes: Fighter, Hunter, Priest, or Shield Sage.

Capcom plans to support the game post-release with major updates to expand the open world with new areas and new missions. Some of the updates planned include eight-player missions and limited-time quests.

Currently Capcom plans to release Dragon’s Dogma Online in 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Japan. It’s unknown whether they plan to release the free-to-play title in the west.

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