Dragon’s Prophet Launch Is Here: 10 Reasons to Become a Dragon Lord

With fast paced combat, deep lore, intricate crafting, and thousands of dragons, there is little to hate about Dragon's Prophet. Here is why you should give it a go.

With fast paced combat, deep lore, intricate crafting, and thousands of dragons, there is little to hate about Dragon's Prophet. Here is why you should give it a go.

Yes it is true–Dragon’s Prophet, a fantasy MMORPG in development by RuneWaker Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment has been in an open beta/prelaunch state for a few months now, but the time is now upon you future Auratians to rise up and open those gates to the #SuperMetal world that is Dragon’s Prophet.

Whether you are a new or old player, you may not be fully up to date with all the changes that have been made over the past few months to prepare for the imminent launch. Luckily for you, we here at GameSkinny have been covering the game and all its eccentricities for quite some time. 

Nearly a month ago, Max and I were able to meet with the Dragon’s Prophet producers and Max even snagged an interview which can be seen here. If you haven’t had a chance to try out this game or are still unsure of whether try it out, here is why you should.

The 10 Top Reasons Why You Should Try Dragon’s Prophet

Dragon’s Prophet may seem a bit generic when looking at it from the outside but let me assure you, it has its moments and they are quite grand!

1. Combat: Despite whether our proverbial need to slam a large stick into someone’s skull is enough to be a main feature of a game, combat is one of the main ways we currently interact with online worlds. For years now, games have focused on bringing forth new combat models and abilities to entice players to experience something new and exciting. Dragon’s Prophet is a game that succeeds in doing so.

Get ready to blast your way through Auratia with intense combo-based abilities that will make you utilize your keyboard. The only thing that can get annoying while playing is the auto-target mechanism in the game. You will often pull more mobs accidentally than on purpose, but it’s also a reason to be careful whilst tredding the paths laden with the blood of dragons (okay, maybe a bit too dramatic there).

2. Crafting: Are you a player that sees combat as a nonsensical past time? Would you much rather evoke your inner Monet or Frank Lloyd Write to create rather than destroy? These next two items on the list are for you!  

Crafting in Dragon’s Prophet is fantastic. It may require just a few clicks and is far from a mini-game experience, but the level of intricacy in the system is something that has us still baffled. Players can create the usual myriad of items but the difference here is in the pudding. Leveling up is centered around creation and breaking down of items but what you will quickly find out is that there are many ways to enhance the items you are making. The great thing about crafting in the game is the fact that, if prepared correctly, the crafted item in question can stand toe to toe with those items dropped by mobs.

The crafting in the game deserves a lot more than a short snippet on a top-ten list. If you are interested in learning more about the game’s craft-tastical abilities then be sure to check out this wonderful guide at TenTonHammer.

3. Housing: Everyone loves becoming virtual architects and realtors, and don’t tell me the idea hasn’t crossed your mind. It’s the reason for Rift’s Dimensions and the reason EverQuest II launched with such ability years before. Dragon’s Prophet loves the idea of housing too it seems, and while it may not be as expansive as Rift’s, it is still a great way to pass the time and build your own home in the virtual world.

Housing comes in two forms. If players want, they can join one of the many housing islands in the game (soon to be incorporated with the Citadel system). These lands will cost a premium to own but are incorporated in the world with other houses on the island. For those who want a little more privacy there are apartments for rent which are a tad bit cheaper.

4. Intricate Pet System: It wouldn’t be right if Dragon’s Prophet wasn’t all about dragons, and thankfully there are plenty of dragons around. The game takes collecting pets to a new level as you can now collect and train hundreds of dragons at a time. Each dragon will offer unique advantageous during combat situations and some can even grant your character new abilities. 

Dragons are more than just tanks or damage dealers too. Not only can you use your dragons to collect resources for you (yep, boring harvesting is now out the window) but your dragon is also your main mode of transportation. Also, coming with launch is the Inartia Rising update, which will add a form of mounted combat. Check #7 on our list for more details.

5. Guilds Matter: Want to succeed in Dragon’s Prophet? Join a guild! Guilds are more than just social tools when it comes to exploring the dangers of the world. Guilds can offer you perks for joining and even have the ability to break down dragon flutes and spawn ultra rare dragons for you to capture and tame. 

I am always an advocate for joining guilds in MMORPGs simply because these are meant to be social experiences. Sure, you can solo your way up to max level, but why would you want to? Guilds will not only get you some great perks but will help you have the most fun in Dragon’s Prophet.

6. (Coming at launch): Citadel PVP: Coming with launch is the newest update: Inartia Rising. The update plans to finally implement the much talked about Citadel PVP. New to the game are alliances and high lords, in which players will be able to ally their guilds and form factions. Those alliances can then battle over the housing islands and take control over the land. Check for our write-up on the Citadel PVP system later this week.

7. (Coming at launch): Mounted Combat: A long with the Citadel PVP system comes a new way to take to the skies in this draconian adventure. Soon your dragons will be, excuse the pun, leveling up with new air combat abilities. These abilities will be determined by breed and might not be extensive at first. We will have something to say after the launch. Be sure to check back.

8. Dungeons Galore: Are you the spelunking type that just craves endless dungeon runs? Well, good news–Dragon’s Prophet  has nearly as many dungeons as it does dragons and they are great for both solo and group play. There are 2-3 dungeons (instances) per main zone and they often flow with the storyline, so grab your sword and take part in the loot-grabbing–I mean.. story.

9. Lore: Though at times, the story is presented quite roughly,  the lore of Auratia is deep and intricate with sugar-coated nerdgasms to sink those teeth in. Each zone and quest within is inundated with more than you can eat story line. If you can get past the problems that come with translations and some times dry writing, you will definitely enjoy the story a long the way. I is an unpolished diamond for sure.

10. Constant Updates: One thing that I can fully attest to is the passion of the development team in charge. Bi-monthly updates have been steadily increasing the experience and have no sign of stopping. If you treasure online experiences where the developers are active, friendly, and as passionate as the players that play it, than you will probably be hooked. You may come for the game, but you will, without a doubt, stay for the community.

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