Dragon’s Prophet Open Beta Next Week

Dragon's Prophet Opens Its Doors To The Public

Dragon's Prophet Opens Its Doors To The Public

Next week, on Thursday May 30th, you will finally be able to join all of us who have been testing the closed beta of Dragon’s Prophet in the open beta.

SOE‘s free-to-play MMO that came out of nowhere will be opening its doors to the public.

Dragon’s Prophet is a free-to-play MMO that revolves around capturing and training different types of dragons. I have personally seen dozens of different dragons in the game and can’t wait to see more in the open beta. SOE has also announced that anyone paying for the game (a founder) will be getting early access to the open beta on May 29th.

With hundreds of unique dragons to find, a gigantic world to explore, and tons of skills and gear to collect DP should keep us all entertained for quite some time. So, all of you OCD dragon-loving collectors out there get ready to join us next week in Auratia and start your dragon taming adventure.

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