DRM is the future and we stand by it! Oh wait, we take it back. For shame, Xbox 180

Blaming third party for DRM isnt getting Microsoft any brownie points with consumers.
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As an avid console gamer with no real allegiance to any console, I can say after watching both E3 events, I am sure I was not the only person who stood in shock as Sony smacked Microsoft square in the face with its announcement of support for the trading of used games and offline gameplay. It was in my eyes inevitable that Microsoft would have to pull out an apology. Not only to gamers but also to 3rd party publishers who were being put in the spotlight as the bullies forcing Microsoft to take this step. 

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Many people had positive responses for this withdrawal of DRM restriction, but lets keep in mind that with one quick firmware update Microsoft can flip the switch again. I would not doubt that they take all this back as soon as sales rise and people actively have the console in their living room. The fact that they were so quick to retract this “feature” is evidence of that in my opinion. The PR nightmare has not ended, as all this has done for Sony is show weakness in its competitor. I am looking forward to seeing the commercial that will revolve around the fact that Sony has been all about gamer since day one and had not one reason to take anything back or apologize.

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