Dust 514 Released Worldwide Yesterday

Dust 514 released worldwide yesterday.

Dust 514 released worldwide yesterday.

The open beta has finally ended and Dust 514 has been released everywhere as of yesterday, May 14th.

If you haven’t heard of Dust 514…

It is set in the same universe as the popular EVE Online. It is a free-to-play shooter where you take control of a immortal ground soldier created by the military. With tons of skills and dropsuit customization, you can spend hours in the game and not have the same setup as a friend. With the addition of gear breaking upon death, developers have made battles that much more challenging (no one wants to die with their high-class swag on the line).

The connection to EVE Online is also an interesting idea to add to the game. Players from EVE Online can actually hire Dust 514 players to do dirty work for them–sounds like tons of fun to me. Players from EVE can also use Orbital Bombardments to destroy a target that has been marked by a Dust player. You can’t go wrong with a little orbital bombardment.

Overall, for me Dust 514 is a must play for the PS3. It hit stores yesterday with an update titled Uprising.

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