Dust 514: triple skill points, Mordu’s challenge, and tournaments

Dust 514 continues the tradition of large scale events, skill point boosts & mordu's challenge from now through August that pit players against one another for glory and the right to rename a planet in the EVE/Dust universe.
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“We’ve got a number of great events in store for you in July and August.” CCP cmdr wang said on the Dust dev blog, and with that being said today kicks off the fourth of July triple skill point event for Dust 514. That means all battles will reward you with three times the normal skill points you would’ve earned. The skill cap has also been tripled during this event, which will be running from July 4 to July 10.

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For players who have passive boosters active should note that they do no count towards the triple skill point event. As for skill boosters in general Cmdr Wang said “extra SP earned from skill boosters do not count towards your weekly SP cap.”

To participant simply log in, and fight. You will automatically receive the skill point bonus.

From July 11 to July 18 Mordu’s Legion, a famous non-player character corporation in EVE Online, will be hosting Mordu’s challenge. Players will earn free equipment  for their Dust mercenaries.

The Mordu’s Challenge event will offer players 5 separate goals to achieve during the event. These goals and event rewards are as follows:

100x Enemy Kills – Assault C/1-Series Dropsuit + C15-A Tactical Sniper Rifle (all equipment Caldari themed) 50 x BPC
100x installation destruction – Logistics M/1-Series Dropsuit + BDR-8 Triage Repair Tool (all equipment is Minmatar themed) 50 x BPC
100x Objective Hacks – (includes vehicles, CRU, turrets, supply depots and the skirmish objectives. Hack assists do not count) – Scout G/1 Series Dropsuit + GLU-5 Tactical Assault Rifle (all equipment Gallente themed) 50 x BPC
100x Enemy kill assists – Prometheus class dropship 25 x BPC
Achieve all of the above – Falchion class HAV + 80GJ Stabilized Neutron Blaster + HT Linear Flux Stabilizer 100 x BPC

This even will run from post-downtime on July 11, and no official entry ois required. Just log in, and fight. The game will do the rest.

Finally from July 25 to July 30 Dust mercenaries and EVE capsuleers will be able to register for the first open tournament, which will be hosted in conjunction with UrgentFury.

Bouts will begin August 1. Finals will be held August 26-31, and the championship matches will take place between September 7-8.

“The tournament will be organized into two separate regions, one for North American and one for EU time zones and the winning teams from both regions will meet on the battlefield to win the right to rename a planet within the New Eden universe in a cross continental match up on September 14-15.” Cmdr Wang said.

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