Dust Off Your Deck, Planeswalker: Magic Legends Comes to Beta This Spring

Magic: The Gathering is going from collectible card game to action MMO with the Magic: Legends beta later this year.

Magic: The Gathering is going from collectible card game to action MMO with the Magic: Legends beta later this year.
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Classic CCG Magic: The Gathering is about to get a major digital makeover with the top-down massively multiplayer online action RPG Magic: Legends. Due for an official launch on PC in 2020, Magic: Legends will see a beta test this coming spring. The game is set to release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2021. 

The shift from the direct card game conversions of recent years shouldn’t be much of a surprise; the franchise has seen many iterations over the years. Longtime fans may remember the original isometric single-player game launched on PC in 1997, as well as the ill-fated real-time strategy console game BattleMage. So venturing into the world of MMOs isn’t terribly off-brand for the series

So far Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have revealed two classes for Magic: Legends.

Players can take up the role of the earth-magic focused Geomancer or the psychic Mind Mage while exploring the worlds of Benalia and Shiv.

Three more planes and additional player class options are still due to be announced ahead of launch.

Those wanting to get into the action as early as possible can sign up for the Magic: Legends Beta over here.

CCG and tabletop fans will see many other major table to digital and digital to table conversions in the near future. League Of Legends developer Riot Games is currently working on a physical tabletop game titled Tellstones: King’s Gambit.

The star-studded Critical Role web series is also going from meta to canon with Wizards Of The Coast planning to launch the Explorers Guide To Wildemount campaign setting book for D&D 5e in March.

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