Dying Light 2 Authority Pack DLC Available Now on All Platforms

The first bit of Dying Light 2 DLC has arrived 10 days after launch and puts Aiden on the side of the Peacekeepers.

The first bit of Dying Light 2 DLC has arrived 10 days after launch and puts Aiden on the side of the Peacekeepers.
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There’s already a ton of loot to get your hands on in Dying Light 2. From valuables to weapons, crafting materials and gear, every corner of Villedor has something for tenacious explorers to find. The new Authority Pack DLC adds to that glut of loot with a PK-themed set.

Releasing in three parts, the first portion is available now for free. It includes three pieces of gear: the Intimidating Jacket, the Intimidating Cargo Pants, and the Intimidating High-tops.

You can download the complimentary DLC pack by going to the Dying Light 2 game hub or store page on your respective platform. 

According to Techland, two more parts coming this week.

Additional pieces of gear — the Intimidating Gauntlets, the Intimidating Windbreaker, and the Intimidating Leather Guards — are set to arrive on February 16.

Finally, the two-handed Authority hammer weapon will release on February 18.

The Authority pack is just the beginning of Techland’s 5-year plan for Dying Light 2. The Ronin DLC is coming soon, and the developer has already released a roadmap of the content fans can expect to get their hands on over the coming months.

The first set of new challenges will arrive sometime in March, with events coming in April, more challenges in May, and the first story DLC in June. 

New enemies, weapons, and story bits will be added in the months following those. While it won’t take fans 500 hours to see everything Dying Light 2 has to offer this close to launch, it very well may be the case in 2027. At least if Techland has anything to say about it.

Dying Light 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S. If you’re looking for some support while exploring the dangerous streets and rooftops of Old Villedor and the Central Loop, be sure to check out our Dying Light 2 guides hub, where we have tips, tricks, and walkthroughs to help you stay human.

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