Dying Light Official Modding Tools Planned

Dying Light Official Modding Tools are on their way.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

After Dying Light first released on PC, many of the more technically inclined players of the game decided to create mods to extend the life of the game.

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A little while after the mods were created and released into the wild, they met with a road block. 

It was rumored that Dying Light developer, Techland, banned mods for the games,on top of being caught up in rumors of DMCAs issued against modders and streamers removing the game’s visual filter. 

Both rumors seem to have been false and Techland say that they support the modding community of Dying Light and that they have planned on releasing official modding tools for Dying Light. The modding tools will be free and extensive so any player will have access to these official modding tools once they’re released.

“This invitation is only the first stage of our coöperation with the gaming community,” the developer said. “After the modding tools are released, we plan to actively support the coolest mods created by players.”

Currently, Techland has not stated if these mod tools will be made available for consoles since PC is the platform for modding, but the console players can hope for something.

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