E3 Reveal: Saints Row IV

E3 Reveals More On Saints Row IV

E3 Reveals More On Saints Row IV

Deep Silver showed us an amazing video at E3 on Monday, and I am super psyched for this game. The Saints Row series has always been crazy but, you know, the good kind of crazy. With Saints Row IV we are gonna see crazy taken to a whole new level.


Following a few years after Saints Row: The Third the main character has somehow been elected to the office of President of the United States. Aliens attack the earth and put you in some sort of simulation of Steelport, where you will use your new found superpowers to wipe out the alien menace. This Saints Row promises the most in-depth story yet bringing all of your favorite cohorts back with the promise of romance options.

With superpowers, aliens, and butt-naked base-jumping I can’t wait to play this one. This Saints Row promises to be over the top in just the right way, and so far the Saints Row titles haven’t let us down yet. Saints Row IV will be landing naked on the shelves on August 20th.

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