E3 round two, place your bets!

What will we see going into round 2?
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So, we all know E3 press conference day 0 was really just a boxing match between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

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Playstation 4 won that match with a knockout punch.

I would like to point out, however, that some of the games shown, such as Destiny, will be available on both platforms.

There are other games that we have few details on, like Final Fantasy XV which had previously been code named Final Fantasy Versus XIII. While FFXV was revealed during Sony’s conference, there were no details of whether or not the game will be a Playstation exclusive. I’m suspecting that it will be a cross platform game like the Final Fantasy XIII franchise, as it’d make no sense to abandon the other top platform after only 3 games. So while Playstation took round one with flying colors, round two could be very interesting indeed.

What Round Two will consist of:

Round two is the games spotlight, where the developers actually discuss games and where they are headed in terms of development. While Sony had the hottest games in round one, we will probably find out which of those games are cross platform in round two. Will Sony lose its edge if it doesn’t have exclusivity on some of those games? Or will the $100 difference in price keep them champion of the entire expo? Tune in to the expo live online to find out what will happen as it happens. As always, Gameskinny will keep you posted with up-to-the-minute coverage of the conference, so stay tuned to Gameskinny as well.

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