EA Has More Layoffs After a Profit

More bad news out of EA. Workers laid off after making a profit.

More bad news out of EA. Workers laid off after making a profit.

Unfortunately, EA’s Salt Lake City studio had several layoffs and relocations today. In an attempt to focus on creating mobile games – like The Sims and some Facebook games – EA made a few staffing changes. Despite their profits in the mobile sector, the need for restructuring at this time seems… odd.

In trying to hone the talent at EA Salt Lake City, the company has made the call to axe some people. A lucky few are transferring their skilled talents to other EA owned studios. EA SLC, formerly known as Headgate Studios, creators of Family Game Night, Risk: Factions, and a plethora of golf games, are still in tact. Just with fewer people now.

According to a contact at Polygon, the EA spokesperson had this to say:

“EA Salt Lake is becoming largely focused on mobile development, including The Sims and other projects…” 

 “Recent shifts unfortunately resulted in the reduction of a few teams. As we look to match skills with opportunities, some staff will be offered other positions at EA, while others will leave the company.”

While this “restructuring” is typical for a company of this magnitude, it still is a bit concerning. In a recent earning statement EA’s mobile games have experienced a 26% year over year increase. It’s a bit confusing to have layoffs take place when the company’s making a good profit.

My Thoughts

Over the last year there have been some major things happening at EA. The founder left and created a new studio, followed by the VP leaving for GoPro. In addition to those two major losses, EA has seen numerous top producing studio leads and founders quit.

One can only speculate what’s going to happen next from the publisher that Madden built. What do you think? Could EA be in hot water? Do you think this behemoth of a company is too big to falter? Feel free to comment below.


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