EA Sports UFC 2: Ultimate Team announced with trailer

Create. Customize. Collect. Compete.

Create. Customize. Collect. Compete.

Ultimate Team, a mode featured in EA’s Madden, NHL, and FIFA, will now be available in UFC 2. And the announcement came with a brand new trailer (see above). 

This mode was introduced several years ago in FIFA 09. It let users create and manage their own team. Players could buy, sell, trade, or auction off stars with thousands of other users. They earned money by playing matches offline or online, and could use it to buy card packs containing items, such as players or stadiums. 

UFC 2 will follow a similar formula. Players can create a team of up to five custom fighters. Participating in fights earns coins, which can be used to open up fight packs containing four different items–moves, attributes, perks, and consumables.

Moves are inspired by fighters’ signature moves. Want Rousey’s Judo Flip? Fighters’ attributes include disciplines like muy tai, kickboxing, or judo. Perks are special abilities, and include things like Marathoner or Submission Specialist. And lastly, consumables boosts your fighter’s individual skill in areas like health, toughness, and stamina.   

Use these four items to build your team and achieve glory in the UFC.

UFC 2 hits stores hard on March 15. For more on UFC 2 and its features, visit the official site here

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