EA Unveils New Games And a Surprise for E3

Listing EA's new titles for the upcoming year.

Today was the day Electronic Arts got another much-needed shot at impressing the gaming community as it unveiled its newest titles at its live E3 press conference. We bring you the latest news, as well as whether or not the games will be exclusive to a console.

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As thousands flock to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the first event in the gaming industry’s biggest conference, every big-name publisher will be battling to come out on top.

Unfortunately, no EA titles will be released for the Wii-U, largely due to the Origin incident where Nintendo refused to let EA control its Nintendo Network with Origin’s network code.

EA Line-Up for E3 2013

Mirror’s Edge 2

Faith is back! The long awaited sequel to the beloved Mirror`s Edge is finally confirmed. Powered by the new Frostbite engine, this gameplay promises an even more fluid and exciting parkour experience. Not much else has been revealed about the game yet, however.


Gamers will have another shot at thrashing their opponents on Xbox One’s latest fighting-genre title, the Ultimate Fighting Championship video game. It features an MMAI system that allows opponents to organically alter their strategy throughout fights to keep the gameplay fresh, as well as full-body deformation so you can see and feel what it’s like to be in a fight.

Console: Xbox One, PS4

Release: Spring 2014


We already knew this anticipated game featured a bunch of big names, among others Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi and Daniel De Rossi. We also knew that this latest installment in the FIFA series improves greatly on several aspects of gameplay and uses EA’s new IGNITE engine. Now we know Drake is an avid fan and that the game allows for a whole new level of audience immersion as you see and feel the reactions of the crowd. Increased calculations allow for more intelligent gameplay. You can anticipate and avoid contact, brace for impact, dodge around opponents and between defenders. Make those epic shots you’ve always wanted. And players like Messi will have their natural momentum preserved in-game.

Consoles: Xbox One, PS4

Release: September 24

Madden NFL 25

This 25th installment of Madden is built on an improved version of the Infinity Engine, allowing for smoother gameplay. Truestep locomotion system calculates detail per step, allowing precise footwork, greater realism and more control. The player sense feature provides more calculations per second. Players can scan their environment, navigate and react instantly. Improved AI lets offensive lineman shift position based on threats. Units will work together, allowing for better teamwork. Players move and think more like NFL athletes, and with better face and clothing detail, look more like them too.

Consoles: Xbox One, PS4

Release: August 27


This series took a beat down in recent years, but EA’s attempting to make a comeback with the latest NBA Live title. The game is built on EA’s IGNITE engine, featuring immersive sport environments, games that change every day and technology like Bouncetek, where the ball is separated from a player’s hand with every dribbling animation. This gives players ultimate control. As well, team data sent to NBA teams will be updated exclusively to NBA Live every hour.

Consoles: Xbox One, PS4

Need for Speed Rivals

This game delivers delivers an unexpected, non-stop edge-of-the-seat experience. We watched two separate two-player experiences meld into one multiplayer game, with one a cop and the other a racer. With intelligent AI, get ready for a very real-time racing experience.

There is also an NFS movie set for Spring 2014. 

Consoles:  Xbox One, PS4

Release: Spring 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This next-gen RPG brings a blend of fantasy and action-adventure, featuring an interactive open world. Unfortunately no gameplay was available yet.

Consoles: PC,  Xbox One, PS4

Release: Fall 2014

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 has high expectations and aims to deliver. You can play with up to 64 players in multiplayer mode and enjoy the new Commander mode, where you provide critical intelligence and guidance to your team and influence the battle. The Battlelog feature is a social network that lets players connect and compete with friends and interact with game anytime, on multiple devices.

With its new Frostbite engine, the environment comes alive. It features dynamic settings that react to the player. Watch ceilings break, beware a tank falling through, jump out windows of collapsing buildings and then dodge the debris, or jet ski off a sinking boat if that`s more your style..

Consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC

Release: unknown


Respawn`s Titalfall delivers a new FPS experience in a dystopian world featuring Titans. It shows smooth gameplay, ominous opponents and seamless interaction with titans. You can hack into enemy AI and convert them to your cause, among other features already revealed before E3. Great moments from single player games are also involved into multiplayer mode to make it a memorable experience.

Consoles: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Release: spring 2014

Plants VS Zombies 2

PVZ is a 3D action game featuring a four-player co-op survival mode and a lot of laughs. Play co-op as a garlic chopper for close combat fighting or play as a planter and fire peas at opponents. If long-distance is your thing, snipe enemies with the lethal pins of a cactus. You`ll need to team up and employ both aerial and ground attacks to defeat bosses like the Disco Zombie and the Gargantuar.

Consoles: Xbox One, Xbox 360

Other Announcements

Pebble 2:

DICE’s new blockbuster, Star Wars Battlefront

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