Now on Kickstarter, dodles is a mobile app that makes animation easy and accessible for all users.

Easily Create Your Own Custom Animations with the Dodles Mobile App

Now on Kickstarter, dodles is a mobile app that makes animation easy and accessible for all users.
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If you’ve always wanted to learn animation but don’t have the time or money to invest in formal training, you’re in luck. Now on Kickstarter, dodles is a mobile app that simplifies the complexities of animation so anyone can create their own custom animations and designs. We caught up with dodles creator Craig Doriot at MomoCon to chat about his vision for the app and all it can do. 

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According to Craig:

“People love animation, but don’t know how to produce it. It’s incredibly hard to learn and nearly impossible to build without professional training or years of practice. Dodles is built to reduce and eliminate the barriers to allow anyone to create their own animations regardless of experience.”

The animation app is so accessible and easy to use that it’s available on mobile phones. Furthermore, those in the dodles community can sell their work to make money. In the open marketplace, users can produce their own animated stories by importing their own artwork, or they can search for pre-animated characters, scenes, objects, sound effects, music or voice acting to use. Hobbyists, meme generators, marketers and everyone in between can use dodles to create engaging content. 

“The dodles marketplace allows users to license each other’s content for reuse and enhancement according to the pricing and terms the creator established.” 

dodles is much more than an app, though. Along with accessibility, it is also rooted in increasing autism awareness. Craig has high-functioning autism and has worked hard to overcome the challenges of that. He sees dodles as a creative outlet for those with autism and a means for generating income. 

According to the Kickstarter page: 

“dodles will be a tool that helps those on the spectrum build effective outlets for their incredible gifts. It will help them forge careers without being hindered by the social stresses that leads to underemployment.

Additionally, dodles is matching funds donated to support the autism community. 

A $10 donation grants beta access to the product, as well as exclusive backer updates as the project progresses. The dodles Kickstarter campaign closes at 10 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 31st.

For more information about the company, check out the dodles official website

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