Elder Scrolls Online: How Do I Get a Beta Key?

Get your butt into Tamriel.

This weekend is another closed beta event for The Elder Scrolls Online, so sharpen your battle axes and get ready to rampage across Tamriel… If you’ve got beta access, anyways.

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So, you’re all pumped up for the ESO beta but don’t have a key? Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

The good: Zenimax and Bethesda have been pretty happy to send out beta invites to most people who have opted in.

The bad: If you haven’t opted in or haven’t received your beta key yet, it’s really out of your hands. Tough luck.

Opt In

This is the only way to get into the ESO beta. Most people seem to forget: the devs of any beta don’t know if you’re interested unless you tell them. Sorry, but Bethesda isn’t going to just send a guy around knocking door to door giving out keys. Go to the Elder Scrolls Online website and sign up.

It may be too late for you this beta weekend, but you’ll be in the running for the next beta weekend for sure. The beta application is short, sweet, and takes less than 2 minutes. Zenimax is gearing up for stress test weekends and wants the process to be as easy and streamlined as possible.

Do NOT Fall For Shady Beta Key Websites

Please remember that opting in is currently the only way to gain beta access. Unless beta key contests are officially announced on Bethesda’s BethBlog.com or the official ESO news blog, do not believe any website claiming otherwise.

Furthermore, even a key giveaway or email looks promising, double-check the web address before doing anything. Phishing schemes get more and more convincing every day, and will steal official assets to look as convincing as possible in order to trick you into giving up personal information. And, generally, as a rule of thumb: NEVER click a bitly or other short URL that is promising beta keys. It’s likely riddled with malware.

The same goes for key generators. Just don’t mess with them. You are only putting yourself, your information, and your computer at risk. I guarantee there will be some comments on this very article promising beta keys – prime examples of what to avoid.

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