Elder Scrolls Online Live Footage from Quakecon Coming

New, uncut footage will stream live Friday about Elder Scrolls Online.

New, uncut footage will stream live Friday about Elder Scrolls Online.

I have been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series since I was first introduced to Morrowind. When I heard that they were making an MMO, I could not contain my joy. I have been signed up for beta since news that sign ups had been opened. Bringing the series I love to the format I love is like a fate meant to be. Are you ready to see more of it? I know I am, and Bethesda and Zenimax are bringing a preview of Elder Scrolls Online live to us via Twitch. 

Elder Scrolls Online is set in the familiar land of Tamriel. Barriers have been weakened and chaos has ensued. The hordes of Oblivion are trying to take over what has been built with such hard work. Three factions have been formed to take back what the hordes have stolen and to prevent Tamriel from being merged with the plane of Oblivion. Choose your alliance and battle against the forces of Oblivion to avoid a nightmarish lifetime.

The event, Quakecon, is held in Dallas, Texas this year. The event is free and open to the public (if I only had the extra gas money, I’d so be there). Bethesda will be showing a Twitch stream on a dungeon that will be in Elder Scrolls Online. This footage will be completely new to us and will be shown by Paul Sage (Zenimax Online Studios’ Creative Director) and the development team.

The live Twitch stream will take place on Bethesda’s Twitch stream on Friday (August 2nd) at 1:30 PM Eastern time. Will you be joining me for the stream? What are you most interested in learning from the Elder Scrolls Online development team?

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