Elder Scrolls Online Sends Out the Next Wave of Beta Invites

Bethesda's epic fantasy RPG opens the beta gates for more lucky folks.

Bethesda's epic fantasy RPG opens the beta gates for more lucky folks.

Open The Gates

For players eagerly awaiting the upcoming MMORPG from Bethesda, the game starts another round of beta testing with their fifth set of invites going out.

With the Spring 2014 release date still nearly a year away, this game has already won dozens of awards. EOS swept through E3 creating excitement and snatching up awards. The game won numerous top honors (15 awards out of the 30 it was nominated for). 

It’s Not Too Late

This is the fifth set of invitations since the beta started back in March. But, you can sign up for additional tests.

Bethesda still has the sign-up page up and running. 

In fact I couldn’t resist the urge and posted my own request for a Beta invite. This Amazon is eager to jump into Bethesda’s immersive world and explore their creation that has taken so long to bring to life. It looks astounding and I can fully understand the hype this game has behind.

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