Electronics enthusiast creates Game Boy Macro, the half-brother to Nintendo’s Game Boy Micro

Give your broken original Nintendo DS or DS Lite a new purpose for about the same price of the Game Boy Micro.

Give your broken original Nintendo DS or DS Lite a new purpose for about the same price of the Game Boy Micro.
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You’ve heard of the Game Boy Micro, the last in the line of original Game Boys before the advent of the Game Boy Advance. The handheld console is making a resurgence of sworts, in the Game Boy Macro by electronics enthusiast Anthony Thomas.

After noticing a lot of older Nintendo DS Lites being trashed for broken or missing top screens, Thomas decided to salvage these pieces of hardware and refurbish them. 

The Nintendo DS Lite only boots up if the top screen is working, so Anthony Thomas used his electronic skills to work around it and get the handheld functioning. Once he relocated the speakers and added holes for the audio, he was ready to work on the case.

After sanding and adding a fresh coat of paint, the Game Boy Macro was born! Later, Thomas was able to recreate the process for the original Nintendo DS to make the Game Boy Macro XL. He documented his entire journey to create the Game Boy Macro and XL on his personal website

Since its inception, Anthony Thomas has set up a separate site for the Game Boy Macro, so people can buy them. There is also a Facebook page so people can stay up-to-date with this custom handheld.

You can order your own Game Boy Macro from the official website, or check out the tutorials so you can do it yourself. Unfortunately, Thomas is not taking orders at the time of writing, but the official website has a waitlist that will notify you when he is taking orders if you sign up.

So how much does it cost?

You can get your own Game Boy Macro for $130. If you provide the Nintendo DS, then it will cost you $110.  Shipping will cost $5 anywhere in the United States. International shipping to most countries will set you back $25.  

As for colors, the stock red, white, black, or gray are free. Any color outside of those are $10 per color. You can mix and match the front and back if desired. 

Anthony Thomas requires a $30 deposit to start the work and hold your spot on the waitlist. Once your order is finished, it will ship with a USB charger and a protective carrying case. 

Would you buy the Game Boy Macro? Would you try to build one yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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