Elite: Dangerous Release Date Announced

Elite: Dangerous leaves beta-testing and moves towards its official release date.

Elite: Dangerous leaves beta-testing and moves towards its official release date.
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On December 16, 2014, the next installment of the Elite franchise, Elite: Dangerous, will be released. Elite: Dangerous is an open-world space combat simulator based on the 1980’s game.

In this multiplayer simulator, you decide whether you want to explore the 400 billion star systems, take on quests and missions, or attack and steal from other ships. You can trade between systems, form co-op alliances to take down planetary economies, and raid other parties – though this will put a bounty on your head. You can use your hard-earned money to buy upgrades for your ship, upgrades you’ll need to explore the galaxy and become “elite”.

Elite: Dangerous was funded entirely by a Kickstarter project started in January 2013. Fans contributed over £1.5 million to aid developers in the creation of the sequel. These donations not only made the game possible, but marked the most successful Kickstarter program in the United Kingdom.

Interested in pre-ordering the game? 

Elite: Dangerous – Mercenary Edition costs $50 and comes with special add-ons in the game, such as an Eagle fighter and paint jobs, as well as features outside of it, including a digital guide and art book. Curious gamers can check out the pre-order page here.

Are you going to buy and play Elite: Dangerous? If so, what path will you take: trader, pirate, bounty-hunter, smuggler, assassin, mercenary, or a combination of them all?

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