En Masse Announces Tera Free To Play Feb. 5

En Masse announces its FTP date as February 5th.

En Masse announces its FTP date as February 5th.
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En Masse announces today that its popular MMO, Tera, will officially be free to play come February 5th.

Originally announced as just “sometime in February,” En Masse plans to release Tera in FTP mode, which will allow players to play without a subscription fee. Players who wish to continue paying a subscription will have their accounts upgraded to Elite, which grants them some special items they can use in the game. The full list can be found at Tera’s website.

In addition to the FTP update, Tera will be launching some new content which includes a new dungeon and a PVP battleground.

With this date now set, does this free to play option make you more inclined to try it out? Will you upgrade your account to an Elite account?

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