EnBornX Hits OUYA Today

Lantansia offers their shooter to the OUYA free-to-play!

Lantansia offers their shooter to the OUYA free-to-play!
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In the last 24 hours, the folks at Lantansia announced that their side-scrolling shooting EnbornX is available for the OUYA console system.

The game has already been around since late 2011 for Android and iOS devices with a number of updates and a fairly low price point (.99 – $1.99)

For OUYA, players will be able to download and play for free, but this free play is limited and to continue playing you must pay a fee.

Several players have posted in OUYA forums their enthusiasm for the game, but many are asking that Lantansia make the fee a one-time unlock to justify their continued use.

EnBornX, the D is Silent

Despite how the name appears on the screen the game’s name is EnbornX, not EndornX.

The game play is pretty straight forward… or side-forward. It’s very reminiscent of classic Japanese high-speed arcade shooters, except from top-down you are moving left to right.

You control a heroic girl who has built a powerful armored battlesuit for herself as she flies to meet and fight off an alien invasion called the Endless Reborn Machine (aka EnBorn).

The battlesuit has a 3-way cannon, light saber and hyper cannon for mass damage.

The aliens swarm at you as well form into massive boss enemies which you must evade attacks from while pouring on your offense to take them down.

This type of game can often feel repetitive to some, but highly addictive to the action game junkie.

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