Entwined: More Than a Love Story

Entwined is more than an adjective for a beautiful love story.

Entwined is more than an adjective for a beautiful love story.
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Entwined is a game described as a story of two souls in love and the struggle of not being together. The story, taken from Chinese mythology about a bird and a fish, is a visually engaging explosion of colors and musical tones.

And, like love, words aren’t always the best way to convey the emotions. This game is the closest thing to synesthesia that I will probably experience while playing a video game. The whole game is so captivating that I can sit down and just watch the screen while a friend plays.

Each level is a lifetime that is supposed to represent a different feeling. Progressing to higher levels requires a reincarnation of the bird and the fish. When the bird and fish can merge it signals the end of the level.

The game is to be released on PS4; the left stick of the controller moves the fish, while the right stick controls the bird. The player will have to maneuver around objects using the individual controls. Executive producer Alex Lee said, “Early on, [the idea of character movement tied to each stick] wasn’t the frontrunner. It was a long shot that we kept alive.”

Pixelopus, the team that made Entwined, is still fairly new. I’m excited to see what games this group will come up with in the future.

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