Epic Shows Off: Unreal Tournament Announced With Clarity and Concept Preview

Epic Games details new "Unreal Tournament" game in visual clarity and concept art video. The studio promises a completely free game built primarily on user-generated content built by fans and gamers using the same tools the developers do.

With development on Fortnite well underway, Epic Games has been busy lately. But that hasn’t stopped them from moving ahead with a new game in the works: Unreal Tournament. On Thursday the developers who brought us the Gears of War franchise announced the early stages of development for an Unreal Tournament game with a 50-minute video outlining the concept art and visual direction the studio intends to take this new project.

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Along with the video, Epic has launched a developers blog where they’re inviting fans of the series to help create the new game with user-generated content. The game is still in a very much pre-alpha state, judging from the video, but the “working concept art” that the video portrays already looks much more crisp and clean than previous Unreal Tournament games.

Unreal Engine 4 brings intense graphical updates to the franchise, promising a vibrant, crisp graphical experience

Epic’s new project isn’t just good news for fans of the series, though, as the developers have announced on the official wiki for the game that it will be completely FREE. The wiki is very specific in this, as well; the game will be free – not free to play. In other words, we shouldn’t expect a microtransaction system with the upcoming release. Instead, Epic is aiming to launch a game heavily influenced by user-generated content free to those users.

The video is lengthy, but the detail warrants it. It may be some months yet before we see anything resembling an alpha build of the game, but for those who can’t wait to get their hands on it ,the blog has instructions for how to download the Unreal Engine 4 and start generating content for the game.

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