ESA Attempts to Shut Down OUYA Booth

The reps of OUYA are standing strong against the ESA to prove they should be at E3 too.

Can’t a microconsole catch a break?

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The ESA, who is in charge of running E3, attempted to shut down the OUYA parking lot booth yesterday. One of the various booths open to anyone and getting exposure out in the jam-packed South parking lot, OUYA was just there to have a nice time and show off the goods in a high-traffic area.

The ESA felt it necessary to block off the booth with a semi-truck trailer so no one would know it was ever there. In response, the OUYA representatives tried putting a banner on the trailer to make sure people would be aware of their presence, so the cops were called on them.

Well, that escalated quickly…

Luckily, nothing horrendous ensued. They stuck a banner on the ICON Lounge building to cement their legitimacy at E3, redirecting everyone to their booth. They’re also determined to maintain their place at the expo, no matter how the ESA may try to stifle them.

So, I don’t know about you, but I probably won’t be getting an OUYA, at least not right away. But it is still an innovative idea. Isn’t that what E3 is supposed to be about? Companies coming together to display their new gaming approaches and designs to the public? The ESA was discriminatory toward the representatives of OUYA, but for what reason?

Maybe it’s because I hate bullying, but the OUYA—and any other new innovations in gaming—deserve a shot just as much as the next console or game.

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