ESO: Interactive Map of Tamriel Released

Take a look at ESO's interactive map of Tamriel.

On the official ESO website, an interactive map of Tamriel has released. For anyone dying to know more about ESO, this is your ticket. The map has many different things on it, among which are several new screenshots of the world.

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For someone who is not well versed in the Elder Scrolls universe, this is a treasure trove of interesting facts and images. For now, the map only has a small portion of interactive links. The developers have promised more areas will be added to the map in the future.

Here is the map of Greenshade, the nodes don’t transfer into the images though.

Each region currently has at least six subregions open right now. Within those subregions are various different nodes. The treasure chest nodes are screenshots, the rest seems to be random lore. It really is fascinating to see some of the things added to this map.

I’d have to say my favorite node so far is the one with the father disowning his son. He tells him to return his grandfather’s armor as well. I’m interested in knowing what everyone else’s favorite node is, if you have one. Leave a comment below with your favorite nodes.

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