YouPorn is worming its way into eSports, hoping to become one of the best!

eSports: Team YouPorn expands with a North American DOTA 2 team

YouPorn is worming its way into eSports, hoping to become one of the best!

Back in December 2014, the popular adult website YouPorn decided it was about time they started getting involved in the eSports world. They became sponsors for Play2Win, a not very well known Spanish team with players Luis Ragabash Dorado, Javier LolQoP Ortega, SolmyR, Lawliet_91 and Mengue. 

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Unfortunately, the team did not go very far in the Gamergy DotA 2 Tournament in Madrid that year. However, this does not mean that YouPorn gave up on eSports. They announced on September 11th that they had acquired a new team to expand eSports Team YouPorn (or Team YP): No Broodmama

Haven’t heard of them? It’s normal. They are not very well known either. The Canadian-American team is composed of players eleven-, Eraj, Kengan, and NorthernPeru, and No Broodmama is set to compete exclusively on DotA 2. They participated this weekend in the ESL One New York qualifiers and unfortunately did not make it very far…

YouPorn wants to be the best in eSports

The popular adult website has not been getting off to a very good start in eSports, but the site’s Vice President Brad Burns is determined to make the YouPorn Team one of the best: 

“We’re especially excited about this partnership, for it’s a validation of our vision for our future within the eSports industry. Formed 1 year ago, Team YP is now looking to affirm its presence as one of the world’s best eSports gaming organizations.”

For now, it does not look like Team YouPorn is going to make it as one of the world’s best eSports teams, but maybe they’ll do better next time. Perhaps they will compete in other tournaments and boost their results, washing away this rocky start.

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