Euro Gamers Get the Dead Rising Collection in March

If you missed out on the earlier Dead Rising titles, here's a perfect chance to catch up.
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It’s one of the more popular zombie-themed franchises out there. If you’re late to the party, you might want to consider this new compilation.

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Capcom has announced the enticing Dead Rising Collection, which will launch exclusively in the European region for the Xbox 360. The collection features the original Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Case West, and Case Zero. The launch date is March 7.

Interestingly enough, the publisher did not provide pricing details. I’m not sure how much consumers would be willing to pay; it all depends on what’s included. Maybe if Capcom tossed in some extra goodies, particularly for collectors, they could charge a bit more. The timing is just about right, though, as Dead Rising 3 just passed one million copies sold. The hit title helped to solidify the Xbox One software launch lineup.

There’s no knowing if they’ll bring it to North America. They just said to “stay tuned for updates,” so for the time being, we have to say it’s exclusive to Europe.

A little too much zombie craziness for me

Hey, I like zombies. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve just never been that enamored with the Dead Rising games. They felt a little too repetitive and as time went on, they didn’t exactly innovate. Still, I get the appeal and I’m glad it’s selling well. Might try out the Collection if I have the time.

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