Europa Universalis 4: Preorder one of the Grandest Grand Strategy Games!

The game will be released on August 13th.

The game will be released on August 13th.

As a huge fan of grand strategy games, this last month has been an absolute joy for me.  With both Total War: Rome 2 going on preorder and Europa Universalis 4 being teased out on stream, I’m stoked. As of a few hours ago, Europa Universalis IV (EU4) has finally gone up on Steam and is available for preorder.

If you’re not familiar with the franchise and/or the genre, grand strategy games are exactly how they sound: they’re games involving heavy strategic elements that typically have you ruling over some domain or territory, expanding your might across nations. Europa Universalis is especially good, as it doesn’t delve too far into politics/economics and keeps the game simple and easy to play.

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