EVE Online Nominated for Top Community Management Team in Dragon Slayer Awards

Will EVE Online's community management team win the Dragon Slayer Awards? It's up to you!
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You may all have heard of the Dragon Slayer Awards hosted by Guild Launch, but if you haven’t, it’s an award given to online communities by fans. So here’s where they need your help! EVE Online has been nominated as one of the top community management teams, but it’s up to you to decide how well they’re doing. 

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Let’s start by outlining how their community management works.

EVE Online‘s community management is called the Council of Stellar Management (CSM). They are elected by players and their job is to take the comments and concerns of the online community and report them to CCP. As part of their job, members of the CSM are also active members in the game and communicate frequently with other players. More information about the CSM can be found here.

Another wonderful way that EVE Online handles communities is through the Interstellar Services Department (ISD). They are a group of volunteers (with many original volunteers now working in CCP now) who work together to help players and make sure they are enjoying the game. After all, a game wouldn’t be fun if you were running into issues or had questions about a quest or any other aspect of the game and had no solutions. The ISD branches off into five sections: 

  • Equipment Certification and Anomaly Investigations Division (ECAID)
  • Interstellar Correspondents (IC)
  • Mercury (M)
  • Support Team and Resources (STAR)
  • Yulai Archives & Record Repository Team (YARR)

You can learn more about each of these sections and apply for a position in one of them here.

How else does the community management team work with the community?

The community management team of EVE Online added a really cool feature to their game: the ability to share stories which happened in New Eden, the Universe of EVE Online and possibly have them used in future comics, novels and TV series. So you play the game, write a story of your experience, and if CCP really likes it, they use it in other media. Check out the stories and cast your vote! This is a really cool way to get the community talking and sharing their experience. 


EVE Online is an ever-growing community and the game’s size itself is astronomical. If you would like to see more from EVE Online and appreciate their hard work, cast your vote in the Dragon Slayer Awards!

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