EVE Online: The Battle for Caldari Prime in Pictures

An ambitious live event plays out in the EVE universe.
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In EVE Online and DUST 514, over 3000 players have just taken part in a single co-ordinated live event across multiple gaming platforms. Hundreds more were in adjacent star systems, unable to enter the Luminaire system due to the huge attendance. The Battle for Caldari Prime was the crescendo of a live event arc that CCP Games‘ events team have been building toward for several weeks.

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There were many Twitch.tv streams available to watch the event unfold and what follows are screenshots taken from the official CCP Games stream, as well as my own client and livestreams from DUST 514 players Kain Spero and AutumnAddict78.

All reference to Caldari State, Gallente Federation and CONCORD vessels are NPCs controlled by CCP live event co-ordinators.

The Backstory and Events As They Played Out

A defence fleet had been in orbit above Caldari Prime for five years. The fleet comprised the Shiigeru, a Leviathan-class Titan and supporting Caldari Navy vessels. Its ominous presence in Gallente Federation territory was a constant reminder of the powder-keg situation on the surface below, with Caldari military forces essentially occupying former Gallente cities and holding Gallente colonists under guard in policed districts.

Rising tensions came to a head as a Gallente fleet warped in and a stand-off ensued with locally broadcast communications indicating that the Titan captain defied CONCORD/DED orders to stand down and subsequently destroyed the neutral law enforcement vessel. 

Hundreds of sub-capital “Empyrean” pilots (players), with loyalties to both sides (and in many cases to neither) were in the vicinity as the first shots were fired.

The Battle for Caldari Prime erupts in orbit and within minutes hundreds of wrecks were spread across the field of conflict.

The smaller sub-capital ships continue to swarm around the capital vessels as they exchange fire.

Even more ships pour into the combat zone as the local stargates briefly come back online.

Meanwhile, the ground war also rages as Gallente and Caldari interests are fought over by hundreds of DUST 514 mercenary players.

A Caldari Navy capital ship explodes in orbit as troops mobilise on the ground.

Kain Spero gets his sights on enemy armour.

On another battlefield AutumnAddict78 keeps enemy forces pinned down.

With orbital Caldari Navy forces dwindling, Gallente Federation loyalists concentrate fire on the massive Shiigeru Leviathan-class Titan, resulting in its destruction.

Despite the devastating loss in orbit, Caldari ground forces continue to deliver victories around the city of Arcurio.

Hostilities continue both above and below, despite the uncontrolled impact of a Titan wreck onto the planet surface.

An event of this magnitude will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences and the ripples will be felt throughout New Eden. Further news and activities can be monitored on the official news feed and of course in the EVE Online client itself.

[Finally image courtesy of Dr Sandvich.]

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