Evercade plans on adding even more cartridges on top of its launch lineup, some of which will include games from multiple indie studios.

Evercade Brings Indie Studios on Board, Unveils New System Color

Evercade plans on adding even more cartridges on top of its launch lineup, some of which will include games from multiple indie studios.

Update 9/6/19: Evercade is currently up for pre-order on the Evercade website for $79.99. 

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Original story:

Evercade, makers of the retro-throwback, handheld console of the same name, announced it will have support from indie developers, with more studios coming on board after the system launches.

The first indie studio Evercade said will be supporting the system is Mega Cat Studios, known for retro and retro-inspired games like Log Jammers and Coffee Crisis.

However, Mega Cat isn’t the only purveyor of indie titles offering support for the system.

Evercade didn’t name any more names, but did say more partnered indie studios will be announced after the system launches in early 2020.

These games will reportedly be included on the same kind of retro-style cartridges the rest of the Evercade games will release on. The company said even more cartridges will be added to the already-announced nine launch titles.

We initially reported on the Evercade and its lineup a few months ago. The full story and list of announced games can be found here. The new pre-order trailer also offers a look at what to expect.


The Evercade follows in the footsteps of other mini consoles like the SNES Classic Mini and Sega Genesis Mini, but the goal is to address what’s perceived as a shortcoming with those mini systems: the limited roster.

By putting its games on classic cartridges, Evercade product developer Andrew Byatt says it “enables you to purchase one piece of hardware and then add new content for a low additional cost. It’s a great value, future proof investment.”

In other news, ahead of pre-orders opening September 6, Evercade also showed off the system’s new alternative color scheme of black and red. Despite being exclusive to UK retailer Funstock, it can be ordered worldwide.

Recent years have made it plain retro is in more demand than ever.

Alongside the Evercade comes stand-ins for the missing N64 Mini and rediscoveries of old console attachments, both of which also cater to those who prefer the physical touch.

In just this week alone, we’ve had two more compilations of classic games announced: the Mega Man Zero/ZX collection and a remastering of the classic Disney’s Aladdin and Disney’s The Lion King games.

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