EverQuest Next Logo Confirmed Before Start of SOE Live

A quick sneak into the area reserved for SOE Live has revealed that the EverQuest Next logo previously discovered in Planetside 2 has merit.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

On Tuesday EQ2Wire and a couple of Planetside 2 file scavengers found what could possibly be the EverQuest Next logo hidden deep within the game files. Unfortunately, as with most information about this game, all went silent and no one from Sony Online Entertainment would comment on the find.

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After spending a day here in Vegas and preparing for SOE Live, we have found some pretty compelling evidence that can confirm the file found to be nearly identical to the EverQuest Next logo. The image above, captured today, is of a sign in the merchandising area for SOE Live at Planet Hollywood.

Whether or not the developers intentfully placed the logo in Planetside 2 knowing it would leak, or if they were simply caught of guard is still up for questioning. EverQuest Next is set to debut its currently ethereal self on August 2nd during the live streamed keynote.

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