EverQuest Next to Use Oculus Rift According to New Video

SOE hints at Oculus Rift support.

SOE hints at Oculus Rift support.

This year’s SOE Live event in Las Vegas had a wealth of information about EverQuest Next, the newest MMO being developed by Sony Online Entertainment.  While the information given was extraordinary and pretty much mind-blowing, it wasn’t all of it.  In fact, it looks like the team was leaving out a very important detail about their game. 

It has been revealed in a newly released YouTube video on SOE’s channel that EverQuest Next may in fact support the Oculus Rift.  The video is titled “Inside the Black Box” and you can watch it by clicking on the video above.  While no one specifically says that the Oculus Rift will be supported, about half way through the video, Creative Director Jeff Butler puts on the Oculus Rift in what appears to be a hint at what is to come.

With destructible buildings, player created content, and dynamic servers, EverQuest Next is certainly looking good right now and may be the leap forward that MMOs desperately need. 

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