Everything We Know About Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

We most certainly asked for this! Adam Jensen returns in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and we've got all the details that can be derived from the available footage.

We most certainly asked for this! Adam Jensen returns in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and we've got all the details that can be derived from the available footage.

Adam Jensen is back and ready to kick ass with a shiny new laser fist! After several confusing teasers and the first two days of their three day (oops!) ARG reveal, Square Enix and Eidos Interactive's next Deus Ex game has been revealed.

Trying to make the most out of the blunder by Russian Gaming News outlet Kanobu, Game Informer has revealed it will be running a Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (a title that certainly doesn't roll off the tongue) 12-page cover story.

Between the leaked in-game screenshots, concept art, and the brief coverage trailer Game Informer has posted, we can actually derive a surprising amount about the upcoming game. As a fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I gotta say, the future of 2029 looks pretty sweet(ly dystopic).

Update: For Part 2 of our coverage, click here!

While I want to avoid spoilers here, anyone who has played the game is well aware that your choices in Deus Ex: Human Revolution's climax have a heavy impact on the future of the human race. While there's no word on how your choices will be addressed, it is safe to say that one ending is probably out of the question.

There's a possibility the game may take a note from Deus Ex: Invisible War and make an amalgam of each ending, which seems likely given that the game opens with a dire scenario for anyone with human augmentations. Interpol has created an apartheid where anyone with augmentations is either working for them, or is being arrested. All human augmentations are illegal, meaning the situation has gone from bad to worse for anyone with an augment.

While returning Deus Ex: Human Revolution protagonist Adam Jensen will be working with Interpol, it's not clear if he's a special case or if Interpol has several augmented agents. This will put him in an especially precarious state with the public, seeing as he will be one of the few augmented people allowed to live his life in relative ease.

To make up for your social woes, you will be getting several new augmentations. Invisibility is all but confirmed thanks to the Game Informer trailer, and one new power is hinted at (more on it later).

This is reportedly an actual in-game screenshot of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, confirming that the game will feature the first person perspective again. We also see the handgun will be making a return, as will the silencer (or possible the armor piercing mod, it's hard to tell which from the image) and the laser sight.

What's interesting is that the nearest enemy in the screenshot doesn't look to be attacking you first thing. Instead he's raising his hand like he wants you to lower your weapon; perhaps there will be additional means to deal with enemy encounters?

The armored officers/mercenaries are also carrying what looks to be a new assault rifle. They are also being flanked by unmanned drones, who you can pretty easily bet will factor into stealth. Perhaps they'll be able to even detect you when you're cloaked.

Also notice how the environment has a wing-shaped set of lights? Well, that's not the only time we see it in the current footage available.

This is one of the images leaked by Kanobu, but also appears in clips from the CGI trailer Game Informer hinted at with their video. Here we see the wings again. The Icarus symbolism has been a thing with the Human Revolution storyline since its inception, so that is not surprising. What is, is how this scene ties into one of Jensen's new powers I mentioned. Speaking of which...

While we don't see it in action, we can judge what this new power is by both the Game Informer cover and the aftermath that is included in the video. It appears instead of the violent area of effect attack Jensen had in Human Revolution that would kill all nearby enemies, we might be getting an area of effect stun.

There is also the possibility that given most stealth and non-lethal players used the stun gun, it has been integrated into Jensen's augments. That would save plenty of inventory space for players, but would also mean you might only be able to stun as many people as you have energy bars charged, like in Human Revolution with its "take down" mechanic. Either way, it's exciting to already get a glimpse at one of Jensen's new toys.

While it's far darker and more vacant than you might remember it, this concept art is most definitely Hengsha, China. It appears to be the Lower City half of Hengsha, which is a good bet given what other footage we've been shown of two hypothetical cities that will appear in the game. What's particularly exciting though is what we might see of the Upper City.

This also is most certainly Hengsha, from the looks of things. We previously only got to see the ever growing city's topside from within the confines of a single shipyard, but now it seems we'll finally explore the skyscrapers and triads of Hengsha with sunlight instead of neon streetlamps.

At first, this image doesn't seem all that significant. The assault rifle's coming back from Human Revolution, big whoop, right? Wrong -- this tells to a key decision in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's design. Originally, as Game Informer reported in one of their previews before release, Human Revolution was going to let you swap ammo types in all guns.

So you could use non-lethal rounds, and yet still whip out your pistol and assault rifle. The concept however was dropped before release. Now it seems that has finally changed, as not only the firing pattern and additional specs, but ammo type are all listed much like in Crysis. There's a possibility we might even see a Crysis style mid-battle gun modification mechanic. I for one, would be all for that.

More concept art, likely either Lower Hengsha or whatever other city is briefly glimpsed in some of the CGI trailer footage. It also looks like either there is some twisted sculpture or a hiding augmented human in the upper left corner, against the tunnel wall.

Another reportedly in-game screenshot from Kanobu, indicating that third person cover view will also remain a feature in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. By all indications, it seems a lot of what worked in Human Revolution will remain. What's in greater question are the changes we'll see.

Here is our first glimpse at one of the game's augmented terrorists. His name is currently unknown, but he bears a surprising similar appearance to Human Revolution's Iron Bull. While it may be relatively impossible for Iron Bull to return in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, perhaps this new terrorist was a comrade working for the same security firm? He could also, if extenuating circumstances occurred, be Deus Ex: The Fall's protagonist, who is currently left on a cliffhanger. That would be a shocking turn of events though.

Also note that all the indicated incidents appear to be in Europe, further leaving one to wonder if Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be mainly based on the Eurasian continent, or if the terrorists have merely not struck elsewhere yet.

Here we see Adam Jensen sneaking up on what appears to be the same terrorist, giving a speech in an abandoned theater to a select number of goons. Also note that someone is standing beside the terrorists. From this angle, it looks like either a prisoner in a hood, or a partner with long blonde hair.

Later into the video, we also see Adam come across a bombed out building in the second city hinted to. He finds a charred hand in the remains, and we get a glimpse of what his new casual look is. He's retaining the trenchcoat, but it's more subdued and detail-less than before, save for the short sleeves to allow him easier mobility with his augment arms.

While this final capture happens before the last one, it has the most new information. This city is clearly not Hengsha, and has several things hidden in plain sight, much like Human Revolution's original CGI trailer. First, right above Jensen's head is a new energy drink, which might be a replacement for the "candybar" energy bars you previously had to consume for energy to pull off more extreme augmented moves. There's also what looks to be either a nightclub or an Interpol station bearing the ad.

Even more curious are two details in the upper left corner. First, there's a bar named "The Bunker", and as I said the last trailer was full of hints, so there's a possibility this bar might actually be important.

The biggest part though, is a banner bearing the words "The Vote" and has both a human and augmented hand alongside one another. It seems the world is voting on if augmentations should become legal again or if they should not be permitted. It's hard to make out the rest of the wording, but it is assured that this Vote is going to be key to some aspect of the current political climate and plot.

That's all we know for now, but come April 9th, Game Informer will be divulging more details. It is confirmed for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but no release date has been given yet.

While we wait, why not pop down to the comments and tell us how you feel about Adam Jensen's return and a direct sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Do you think you could come up with a better title than Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Let us know in the comments below!