Dead Island: Definitive Collection promises remastered zombie killing glory for all!

Everything You Need to Know About Dead Island: Definitive Collection

Dead Island: Definitive Collection promises remastered zombie killing glory for all!

Developer Deep Silver has announced the upcoming release of Dead Island: Definitive Edition with a brand new trailer showcasing the zombie-smashing goodness that we’ve seen before. As you are probably expecting, the trailer is downright vicious and bloody, featuring a wide variety of zombie kills in all their glory.

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Said trailer, which you can check out down below, features some pretty silly quotes and stats from the game, promising “more tools of destruction than the dentist” and more zombies than “Washington D.C.”

 The Definitive Collection will set zombie slashers back $40, which isn’t a bad price for a remastered collection that features both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, plus the mini-game Retro Revenge. When it launches, the collection will be available physically and digitally. Keep reading for that release date, though!

Both of these newly remastered versions will feature all of the previously released DLC and game patches, ensuring the experience runs far smoother than when it first launched.

We should note, however, that Retro Revenge is almost nothing like the two original games – at least visually. This mini-game was done in a retro 16-bit style. The player is tasked with tackling hoards of zombies and climbing to the top of the leaderboards in-game. Power-ups, super-attacks, and combo moves will help you attain that coveted position.

On the same date, Deep Silver intends to release both zombie-action games for $20 apiece via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. To get the physical versions, though, you need to buy them together.

Dead Island: Definitive Collection will release to the world on May 31, 2016.

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