Learn all the new details about multiplayer combat rigs, new maps and matches in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Everything You Need to Know About Multiplayer in CoD: Infinite Warfare

Learn all the new details about multiplayer combat rigs, new maps and matches in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare doesn’t differ too much in terms of multiplayer from the previous two installments. The combat is just as intense as ever before with one group of players running on the walls, while others jump over your head and throw a grenade at you.

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This type of gameplay has become a trademark of the series, and Infinite Warfare supports this tradition in full compliance. The closed beta test starts on October 14th for PS4, so let’s take a look at what has been already revealed about the multiplayer mode of CoD: Infinite Warfare.

New types of Combat Rigs

CoD: Infinite Warfare

There are six types of Combat Rigs in Infinite Warfare: Merc, FTL, Stryker, Phantom, Synaptic and Warfighter. Each class has its own unique abilities and every hero will behave differently in these various rigs. Overall, players will have access to over 50 variations of combat mechanics.

  • Warfighter is a veteran CoD Combat Rig that is universal and fits mostly new players who are only learning how to play.
    • Its three main types of weapons are, machine gun, rocket launcher, and hand grenades.
  • Merc is a heavy tank that is mostly suited for suppressing enemies.
    • One of its traits allows you to equip a huge shield and charge at the group of enemies dealing them a lot of damage.
    • The Infusion trait allows you to quickly regenerate health.
  • FTL is a new experimental rig that carries a deadly gun, called “Eraser,” that has an ability to vaporize enemies.
    • The best trait is Powerslide – it allows you to slide and shoot at the same time.
  • Stryker is a support type of rig that is equipped with a peculiar weapon, called “Gravity Vortex.” It creates tiny black holes that suck in the enemies and make them disappear.
    • Stryker has an ability to call up a drone that will come for the rescue in emergency situations.
  • Phantom is a sniper class that has been inspired by the famous Predator character.
    • As expected, one of the abilities allows you to activate an invisible camouflage.
  • Synaptic is a class that perfectly fits for close combat since it is very mobile and fast.
    • If you need some heavy artillery, then Synaptic can equip two machine guns for you.

New multiplayer maps

CoD: Infinite Warfare

There will be 12 new multiplayer maps in CoD: Infinite Warfare. Currently, Infinity Ward has revealed five of them. Here they are:

  • Frontier is located on a space station and consists of a single corridor and several side paths.
    • This is your typical CoD map that appears in every game of the series with slight changes.
  • Throwback is also located on a space station, but for some reason, it looks like an advertisement park of the late 50s.
    • You will find yourself in the center of a large ring that is connected with several opposing avenues.
  • Frost, just like the name suggests, is a research facility located on a frozen surface of the Jupiter’s moon Europa.
    • Unlike other maps, this one offers vertical engagement that is introduced for the first time in the series.
  • Breakout is another snowy location, this time atop a high mountain.
    • In contrast to other maps that can easily induce claustrophobia, this map has large open sections with beautiful views on the outside.
  • Terminal is a rehash of a multiplayer map from Modern Warfare set on an abandoned spaceport on the surface of the Moon.

New mode – Defender

CoD: Infinite Warfare

There are several play modes available in CoD: Infinite Warfare, too. They include an already classic Team Deathmatch with a limited number of kills per time, where the team with the most points wins.

But the new mode – Defender – offers something completely different. You need to capture a flying drone on the map and start uploading the data in order to earn extra points for your team. While you are uploading to the drone, you are completely defenseless, and on top of that you’re marked on the map, which makes you an easy target for the enemy team.

So, the best approach to this kind of match is to have a partner nearby who can take a drone and re-locate it to another spot, sort of like passing the Olympic torch.

This is currently everything that is known about the multiplayer in CoD: Infinite Warfare. When the new details will be available after the beta test, be sure to check back at GameSkinny.

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