Evil Dead: The Game Previews Gameplay, Hosted by Bruce Campbell

Evil Dead: The Game showcases its asymmetrical multiplayer mayhem ahead of the game's May release. Groovy.

Evil Dead: The Game showcases its asymmetrical multiplayer mayhem ahead of the game's May release. Groovy.

Evil Dead: The Game is right around the bloody corner, and Saber Interactive has just released a 10-minute gameplay preview featuring the King himself, Bruce Campbell. A group of four content YouTubers takes on Andy Campbell playing as the Kandarian Demon, and Bruce adds plenty of pitch-perfect color commentary along the way. 

The preview gives fans a long look at the upcoming asymmetrical horror game, including character selection, character skills, executions, various Deadite enemies, traps, jump scares, and the possession mechanic. There’s also more than enough gore to go around — it wouldn’t be an Evil Dead game if there weren’t. 

The four player characters in this session consist of Henry the Red, Amanda Fisher, Cheryl Williams, and Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2). A closer look also reveals some of the weapons and character abilities fans can expect to use in their team compositions and when eviscerating Deadites. 

Henry wields a sledgehammer and is the tank of the group. He can prevent damage to both his health and shield. Amanda has a handgun and an ability that allows her to fire weapons without consuming ammunition. Cheryl carries a hunting rifle and can heal teammates. And Ash, of course, carries his trusty boomstick and has the ability to exorcise demons from possessed characters. 

Fear obviously plays a big role in any asymmetrical horror game, and so it does here in Evil Dead: The Game. The preview provides glimpses of how character fear meters grow through jump scares and traps, as well as how players can reduce fear by finding and lighting campfires, for example. Too much fear leaves you vulnerable to possession and other negative effects.

There’s also a storm mechanic — reminiscent of those found in battle royale games — that constantly pushes players closer to the overall objective. Death awaits in its fog, and as seen in the preview, indecision or possession can mean a quick game-over if it engulfs you. 

There’s also a lot of variety in the map showcased in the preview, from the instantly-recognizable Evil Dead log cabin and surrounding spooky woods to a claustrophobic and eerie tunnel. It’s also rather big, with plenty of places for Deadites and the creeping Kandarian Demon to hide. 

There are quite a few other videos showcasing gameplay from Evil Dead: The Game over on the game’s YouTube channel. Evil Dead: The Game releases for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Switch on May 13. 

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