EVO 2016 Finals schedule

Its the last day of EVO 2016, don't miss out on the grand finals and the top 8 Street Fighter V.

EVO 2016 this July weekend welcomed a number of roughly over 14,700 entrants. The tournament hosted nine titles and within 2 days has its top 8 across 5 titles. If you’ve missed any of EVO this weekend, we have Sunday’s finals schedule and the players participating in the top 8 of Street Fighter V.

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Prior to Sunday, the grand finals were held for Killer Instinct, Tekken 7: Fated RetributionPokkén Tournament and Super Smash Bros. Wii U

The times listed for the top are PST

8:00 AM   – Mortal Kombat XL

10:30 AM – Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

1:00 PM   – Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

3:00 PM   – Super Smash Bros. Melee

7:00 PM   – Street Fighter V

Here are the top 8 for the main game of the show, Street Fighter V. It’s important to note that LI Joe is the only American representative. The level of competition in Las Vegas provided to be more than what most assumed. Players such as Mad Catz’s Tokido, Evil Geniuses’ Justin Wong, Mad Catz’s Daigo were eliminated early on.

Winners bracket

Team Razer’s Ai “Fuudo” Keita (R. Mika) vs. Joe “MOV” Egami (Chun-Li) 

Fujimura”Yukadon” Atsushi (Nash) vs. Razer’s  Lee “Infiltration” Sun Woo (Nash)

Losers bracket

Hail Mary’s Hiroyuki “Eita” Nagata (Ken) vs. Joe “LI Joe” Ciaramelli (Nash)

Hail Mary’s  Goichi “Go1” Kishida (Chun-Li) vs. Alien Ware’s Naoki “Nemo” Nemoto (Vega).

The grand finals of SFV is anticipated to draw in a large number of views and it’ll also be available on ESPN 2 for the first time ever. Fighting game fans can look forward to quite a show.

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