EVO 2016’s Street Fighter V Tournament Will Be Broadcast on ESPN 2

Street Fighter V is going to be on ESPN 2 during EVO 2016.

Street Fighter V is coming to ESPN 2 for Evolution 2016, the biggest fighting game tournament in the entire world.

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This will be a huge moment for the Fighting Game Community in terms of exposure. Fighting game streams don’t get nearly as many viewers as MOBAs, FPS, or the other big guns in esports, and appearing on one of the major channels on national television is a pretty big step up.

If everything goes to plan, hopefully, SFV will see an influx of players. Capcom’s less than stellar release for their latest installment in the classic franchise has left many longtime fans of the series disappointed.  

The recent update to SFV which expanded on the much-lacking single-player aspect of the game is already a big step on the path that needs to be tread in order to make up for SFV’s release. The update also included the addition of two new characters, Ibuki and Balrog, and with the upcoming releases of SFIV fan favorite Juri, and Urien from Street Fighter: Third Strike, Capcom seems to be doing its best to make up for a shaky start. 

EVO 2016 will take place July 15-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you want to find out more about Evo you can check out their website using this link

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