Evolve’s new Arena game mode abandons the iconic hunter/hunted dynamic

2K Games releases a new, fast-paced game mode for Evolve.

2K Games releases a new, fast-paced game mode for Evolve.
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Evolve has been out for three months now, so clearly the in-game content well has dried up, right? 2K Games says “absolutely not” this morning with its announcement for a brand new game mode.

Arena sounds to be 2K Games response to those that felt Evolve’s gameplay was a bit on the slower side. While hunting is a good portion of the title’s charm, Arena  mode takes that aspect out entirely. Lodging players inside a permanent mobile arena, Arena is the ultimate PvP mode. 

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The hunters square off against a stage 2 monster with 50% armor in a best of 3 series. After each round, the monster can play around with its current abilities until a suitable combination is found. When either all hunters die or the monser perishes, the game moves to the next arena until one side stands victorious above all. The fast paced action is a departure from the current game modes, which provide bits of tension on both sides with moments of downtime.

Arena is available now and already has people clamoring. Twitter user @Noir_Proxy, known best as illustrator and game reviewer Josh Atkinson, was one of the first to lend praise, stating “Evolve’s arena is super fun with friends.”

The best part about Arena? You don’t have to pay for it. Hopefully, that’s something that will help to quell the initial backlash 2K received over the game’s pricey launch DLC.

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